About us


The TGV-Laboratories is a biopharmaceutical company that is focused on the development of a first-in-class novel drugs to address unmet needs.TGV-Laboratories provides a broad range of innovative products that are developed, manufactured and marketed in US and Europe by TGV-Laboratories or by companies in which TGV-Laboratories is a co-founder or that are  wholly-owned subsidiary.

In addition to our drug development programs focused on cystic fibrosis, TGV-Laboratories has ongoing research programs together with the non-for-profit scientific research organization Human Microbiology Institute aimed at other life-threatening respiratory infections.


Specifically, our  mission is to advance   novel drugs to address towards the clinic in areas of unmet medical need.

Today TGV-Laboratories is a global pharmaceutical company, that operates under two divisions: Division of Drug Discovery & Development and Division of Medical & Industrial  Microbiology.  Our portfolio is focused on healthcare sectors that are growing rapidly affecting millions of patients, as well as innovative treatments for rare diseases.